About MCG and Associates

MCG and Associates has been serving businesses and individuals in the South Bay for more than 12 years. The wide range of tax, accounting, and consulting services we offer include personal finance and retirement planning, as well as buisiness startup and cash management services. Our experience working with both small and large businesses allow us to address the needs of both types of environments, and to asses the needs of businesses as they grow.

Tax Expertise

We have long specialized in tax planning and filing for both businesses and individuals. We offer a full spectrum of tax related services, including consulting services to businesses that need to know how their business decisions will effect how much tax they pay. With these services, we bring years of experience in the business, and an intimate understanding of federal and state Tax Law.

Consulting Services

  • Personal financial and retirement planning
  • Financing
  • Computer systems design and implementation
  • Business startup services
  • Cash Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Gross Profit Analysis